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When you create a profile on you accept to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for using 

Terms for creating and using profiles on will not be responsible for the users personal pictures. can therefore not be held responsible for uploading copyrighted files or pictures. We make an effort to delete all profiles violating these terms. 

- By typing in your email address, you accept that we can send newsletters about to you. This is also a security if you should forget your password, as it automatically can be sent to your email again. Newsletters on email can contain advertisements. 

- It is not allowed to type contact-information on your profile, or in your username, or in other ways try to bypass build-in contact system, unless it is in general contacts. We reserve the right to change or delete a profile if we think the profile is trying to bypass our contactsystem. 

- It is illegal to type a fake (someone elses) email address. Any case of cheat or harrassment will be reported to the police with IP number and time for profile creation. 

- It is illegal to type someone elses mobilenumber. Any case of cheat or harrassment will be reported to the police with IP number and time for profile creation  

- It is not required for you to type mobile number or email address, but we recommend you do this to get full usage of's features. 

-You can only make changes and view your profile, when you are logged in. It is your responsibility to keep password, email address and other information safe, so others cannot access it. That is why cannot be held responsible for changes on your profile or changes in your account information, if others are using your password. It is entirely your responsibility to make sure only you know and use the password. 

-Your profile and your Premium membership on findroommate is strictly personal, and it’s not allowed to sell, lend, give away or in any other way pass your profile-information or Premium membership on to others. Any violation of this will lead to immediate cancellation of the profile, and any remaining days of a Premium membership will not be refunded.

- reserve the right to delete/change profiles that use commercially or contain some other way of advertisement that is offensive, discriminatory or does not live up to a good level. does not accept any kind of content with implicit or explicit secual nature. This applies if you add a picture to your profile. does not accept that you give your address, telephone number or other kind of information that can identify you. 

- Findroommate reserve the right to delete profiles we think are unserious or in any other way does not contain correct data about the user of the profile . - It is not allowed to create a profile, that can be linked to some other person. It is also not allowed to give other people's email addresses, personal addresses, telephone numbers or other contact information. Any case of cheat or harrassment will be reported to the police with IP number and time when the profile got created. 

- It is not allowed to send or forward messages on containing commercial-, offensive-, discriminating content or contact information to other people. 

- By creating a profile on you give simultaneously consent to show your profile to's users, including both via email and page views on A profile view may contain information about your political beliefs, religion, sexuality and similar information if you have entered them on your profile. In the same way, we can show your profile with information + pictures on partner sites, or in connection with advertising. If you wish to revoke this consent, please delete your profile.
size="4"> - All personal data is treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to any other party without the user's accept.
size="4"> - It is not allowed to invite, run or advertise events in any way, for the economic benefit to the organizer. I.e. events with advance payment, subscription lists or other organized content are not allowed on
- strive, where possible, to show the most relevant ads possible. Relevance is determined by the information you fill out in order to have a profile on
< font size = "4"> - reserves the right to delete profiles without further information.
size="4"> - reserves the right to use the user's profile image banners and other advertising on partner media.
size="4"> - may at any time revoke (delete) a profile without warning if one or more of the above terms are not met. This also applies if you are a Premium member or have a free profile. Any remaining paid time of the Premium membership is not refundable if you do not meet the above terms.